Graphic Design


Media Center at Super Bowl LIII

Environmental Design, Print Design, Emailer Design

Challenge: Old Spice came out with some new smells and sought help in promoting their Fresher Collection at Super Bowl LIII. They were looking to stand out amongst the clutter and get people talking about their products while providing an appealing space for guests to mingle with special guests, sample and have a little fun.
Solution: We created a small oasis from the hustle and bustle of the Media Center. This lounge was a place for players appearances and influencers but it also garnered attention from both media and consumers to spread the word about the new Fresher Collection. Guests could share a momento of their tropical getaway with a gif postcard of them paddleboarding through Fiji via a kinetic backdrop. Over 1300 postcards were created and over 3000 samples were given out.