Experiential Design


Nissan Heisman House Tour

Environmental Design, Print Design, Digital Art for Interactives, User Interface Design

Challenge: Nissan has embedded themselves in the fanfare of college football with their entertaining Heisman House commercials featuring the colorful personalities of honored Heisman athletes.

The multi-year program has become a staple for engaging fans before the largest NCAA football rivalries. With each year there is a need to refresh and provide new activities for guests. The 2017 season seen a need for design, decor and activation updates.
Solution: Environmental graphics were updated with wood paneling to carry a classic nostalgic look throughout the space. Digital activations included digital face painting where fans show their support for their favorite team via tablet activation, a green screen photo op with the current year's Heisman winner, and an in-car photo op with fans' favorite Heisman athlete riding shotgun as a digital overlay. Event collateral included foam helmets showcasing each rivalry matchup, event passes and signage.


A 53’ trailer unfolds to create a stage, DJ Booth and VIP area. The expanded interior is designed to look like the wood clad interior of the Heisman House and is attached to a 40’x40’ tent with a Heisman House mansion façade. The interior and exterior graphics of the tent is designed to blend seamlessly.


Digital Assets were developed for use in augmented reality interactives, touch screen applications features and video game elements.