Experiential Design


Lucky Charms™ Unicorn Land

Visual Identity, Environmental Design, Illustration, Creative Strategy

Challenge: It's been close to a decade since Lucky Charms has introduced a new marshmallow into its  mix of cereal bits. To reveal of the Magical Unicorn marshmallow, General Mills sought to crowdsource a narrative for how it became part of the cereal... from children.

The challenge was not only to get quality responses from children (aged 6 - 11 yrs.) for a very pointed question, but also to capture these responses for later use in media.
Solution: Our team resolved to create a rudimentary escape room with the intent of having our young guests go on a journey to Unicorn Land to help Lucky the Leprechaun find his newest charm, the Magical Unicorn. Each room was designed to help the children frame the narrative while encouraging creative storytelling through fun activities.

Unicorn Land was segmented into five sequenitial rooms that pulled our guests deeper into the wonderous forest.

Room 1

Provide Backstory

The first room educated visitors on Lucky’s current charms and what powers they possess. A marshmallow scavenger hunt resulted in guests placing oversized marshmallows in Lucky’s pot of gold to trigger lights and announce the unique ability it grants.

Room 2

Spur Imagination

The drawing room encouraged guests to imagine what the Magical Unicorn looks like and to share their vision with others to aid in the search.

Room 3

Enhance the Story

In the echo forest guests would shout what the unicorn sounds like into microphones to have their unicorn call echoed throughout the forest.

Room 4

Bestow Power

The magical power room allowed guests to express the unique ability the newest charm would grant Lucky.

Room 5

Tell the Story

In Unicorn Land, puppetry arts was used as a tool to gather authentic narratives from our guests as professionial puppeteers maintained continuity. Afterwards, guests could perform their own stories to be caputured on camera.