Experiential Design


NFL Fan Experience at Super Bowl LII

NCAA Final Four

Vulture Festival 2017

Print Design, Environmental Design, Marketing Collateral, User Interface Design

Challenge: DIRECTV sought to immerse fans at the Super Bowl LII NFL Experience in the benefits of their signature NFL Sunday Ticket channel. Exposure was the main objective as the NFL season was coming to a close.

DIRECTV’s offering has a major appeal to NFL fans who participate in fantasy football leagues so we wanted to frame NFL Sunday Ticket as a valuable tool to step their game up.
Solution: To get an edge on their competition fans would come to DIRECTV Fantasy Football Camp. There they would get drafted into the fantasy league with a commemorable photo op. Custom DTV video games were created to simulate punt, pass, and kick style skill challenges utilizing Xbox Kinect technology. Finally fans could get a slow motion replay of their touchdown dance to share with their friends as they celebrate their favorite team’s triumphs.

DIRECTV at NCAA Final Four

Utilizing AT&T’s ‘Your Thing’ campaign, DTV aimed to give fans more of what drives their passion around college basketball .

The main draw was a high tech escape room we created from a repurposed shipping container. Once inside fans would use their college basketball wits to solve interactive puzzles utilizing DTV Now’s features and augmented reality to beat the clock of this timed experience.

A mobile arcade featuring “DTV NOW Dash” and Digital “Pop-a-Shot” highlighted a partnership between AT&T and Samsung. The custom Final Four themed games were tethered to larger screens to maximize spectation. A stage for special guest appearances and a charging lounge increased guest dwell time in the footprint.

DIRECTV at Vulture Festival 2017

Vulture Festival is a weekend of live events, podcasts, cast reunions, and unforgettable conversations with the most influential names in entertainment. DIRECTV wanted to add to the luster of the weekend by creating more memorable moments.

We created a lounge to highlight DIRECTV NOW’s offerings and a custom video opportunity with Loudermilk. The footprint extended to serveral locations throughout the festival to include a unique red-carpet style entry complete with a neon signage hedgewall photo backdrop and a green screen photo opportunity.