Experiential Design


Coachella & Lollapalooza

Environmental Design, Visual Identity, Marketing Collateral, Social Media Marketing

Challenge: Cupcake Vineyards is a major sponsor of Coachella and maintains a lasting presence at Lollapalooza. Each year the festivals present a new opportunity to wow and refresh festival goers while introducing them to Cupcake’s latest wine offering.

The Cupcake Wine truck has grown to become a mainstay that attendee look forward to visiting. The challenge is to drive a fresh and engaging experience to these festivals while working within the structural confines of their truck that unfolds to create a footprint that houses tasting, interactives and photo opportunities.
Solution: In this multi-year activation we’ve continually brought something new and exciting to the table. In 2019 we took festival foodie culture personally by introducing the Cupcake Vineyard Frozie to festival goers. Guests would flock to the Frozie Factory to enjoy a signature frozen wine beverage topped with a whipped canvas for selfie or custom art edible prints.

2018 Experience

In 2018, we unveiled the Poptail Shop, an ice cream parlor inspired new look for the Cupcake Vineyards truck that features conveyer belt product displays and a Poptail slide delivery system that fulfilled customer orders. A 3D photo op really brought the fun and direct-to-skin printed temporary tattoos proved to be a huge draw to the space and popular throughout the festivals.

2017 Experience

In 2017 we shared with  Coachella and Lollapalooza festival goers some culinary majesty with the Poptail, a pairing of select Cupcake Vineyards wine varietals and gourmet popsicles. A forced-perspective photo op optically put guests inside of a wine bottle amidst the Coachella and Lolla landscapes.